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Dust/Fume Collection

Architect Mechanical provides installation of all brands of dust and fume collectors such as Donaldson Torit, Imperial, Camfil Farr, Aercology, Plymovent, Dust Vent and many more.

Improving air quality while increasing productivity and saving energy is our goal. From 100,000 sq. ft. ambient air systems to a single wood table saw; we can design the system that's right for your company.

Dust/Particle Collection

Systems designed to source capture a variety of dry and wet materials. From large woodworking and metal fabrication to plastics and printing companies; systems can be designed for a specific need. Systems are available for intermittent and/or continuous operation. Units are available for inside or outside placement. Air can be exhausted - but in most cases recirculated back into your facility, saving energy and money.

Weld Fume & Industrial Air Cleaning

Specifically designed systems for the capture of smoke, dust, fumes, and odors in the air. Some of the common uses are welding, machining, grinding, printing, plastics, and school shops. Systems cans be used for ambient air cleaning or source capture. Media filter and HEPA filter units are available.

Coolant Mist Collectors

Collection of coolant and oil mist helps maintain clean and safe work environments by removing it from the air before it collect on machines, walls, and floors.

Source Capture Arms

Self-supporting/heavy duty source capture arms in many lengths and sizes. Source capture arms provide the benefit of capturing contaminants before they reach the workers breathing zone or valuable parts of machinery.

Vehicle & Fume Exhaust Systems and Hose Reels

Source capture and ambient exhaust systems are available for the removal of fumes produced by diesel and gas engines. These systems can attach directly to exhaust pipes or can provide rapid ventilation of fumes from enclosed rooms.